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Having met 3 of the MyMusic team members at the Dublin Web Summit, I have been keeping tabs and sure can’t wait for their launch in February 2014. Attending the event did attract some press coverage from players like TheNextWeb, Social Media Week, and of course OTEKBITS, but a recent one from CNN may just be a validation that these guys are really on to something – especially since they got tag – ‘Nigerian iTunes’.

Some part of the article below:

A group of tech-savvy entrepreneurs are setting out to rock Nigeria’s vibrant music scene by cashing in on the country’s booming mobile phone market.

Founded by three university friends, is an ambitious startup aiming to be the major online distribution channel for Nigerian music. The new digital service is focused on providing an easy and affordable way for music fans to access their favorite songs, which are often hard to find in one place.

“We have no single source of aggregated Nigerian music of African origin,” says Tola Ogunsola, chief executive and co-founder of MyMusic. “So Africa is missing on the world map in terms of musical content — so the potential is huge.”

Check out the rest of the story and video on CNN’s African Start-up.

Truth is nobody has cracked the code of digital music distribution in the mobile dominant sub-sahara African space, with players such as iROKING, Spinlet, Orin, and Eskimi Music giving it a go. Perhaps MyMusic are up to something with a rather much different approach and psychology – one of providing a legitimate and quality alternative to the music consumer.

The Future Of Music In Africa, According To Emeka Okoye

Africans use a peer-to-peer model when it comes to music sharing. Mobile phones are the digital music players, while MicroSD cards are the storage. Emeka Okoye ventures to explain the present and the future of music distribution in Africa. Do you agree?

Future of Music in Africa from Emeka Okoye

Nigeria At Web Summit This October With Insidify And MyMusic

Two Nigerian technology startups, Insidify, a kind of ‘Google for Jobs’ with peerless job meta-search engine with deep social media integration, as well as MyMusic, looking to disrupt the music distribution industry,  have been selected from thousands around the world to join some of the world’s leading early stage technology companies at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland this October.

Here, they’ll be given the opportunity to pitch to, and meet, some of the world’s leading executives and CEOs from Facebook, Cisco, Box, AOL, Paypal, Kaspersky and Microsoft alongside leading ventures capital firms like Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, NEA and others. International influencers like Robert Scoble & Tony Hawk will also be at the event in addition to media from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times and more.

Companies from over 80 countries will be exhibiting at the Web Summit, alongside some of the world’s most internationally renowned investors, entrepreneurs, and global media. As to how Insidify and MyMusic made the cut, it was for their outstanding potential not just in Nigeria, but internationally.

Paddy Cosgrave, founder of the Web Summit, said: “We’re delighted to have these two great young technology companies from Nigeria joining us for the Web Summit this October. The quality of the participants is a real testament to how much the ecosystem in Nigeria has evolved over the past few years.

While Jobberma is King in the job-startups arena and most recent attempt to go social by teaming up with Eskimi, Insidify is Africa’s 1st with social at the core of its operations of helping to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria with world class technology. The site combines job aggregation with professional social networking, aggregating jobs from several Nigerian jobs sites and company career pages so job seekers can access all Nigerian job openings from one place. Insidify then connects these jobs with individuals and employers on a social platform, for networking collaboration and recruitment.


MyMusic on the other hand, although yet to launch, is an online entertainment venture aimed at solving the problem of music distribution in Nigeria and also substantially reducing piracy – a big issue in the industry. As to how this works, we’d find out at the Web Summit.

We will be bringing your a live coverage of the Web Summit as Nubi Kay’ will be on ground, October 30 & 31,  to cover every piece of the action with live tweets via @OTEKBITS as well as daily recaps and interesting breaking news.

About Web Summit

Web Summit is Europe’s largest technology conference. This year, over 8,000 participants from across the world will join the global event on the 30th and 31st of October. Many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives will be speaking at and attending this year’s event. For more information and details, visit:

Fashion, Music, Comedy As Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiled In Nigeria

Samsung Nigeria on Friday 10th of May 2013 officially unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4 in Nigeria with an evening of fashion, music, comedy show at Lagos Oriental hotel. Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched in some countries also the recent South Africa but Samsung Nigeria took a new way of introducing the device with the fun packed night and the event was filled with big names in the Nigeria music, movie, and comedy industry.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics West Africa, Brovo Kim, said the Galaxy S4 will set the benchmark for how a mobile device can be integrated into daily life.

“The Galaxy S line of smartphones has achieved momentous success with 100 million in unit sales worldwide in less than three years. This validates the fact that we are addressing what consumers want from a smartphone. The Galaxy S4 builds upon Samsung’s tradition of excellence and provides the way that they will interact with their lives; from work, to travel and even watching TV” he said.

READ: Jesse Oguns’ review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 here.

Samsung used the opportunity to showcase the top 5 winners of the Fashion for Life contest where they got models walk with their designs. It was also an evening to spot Banky W, Samsung’s ambassador and Wizkid together.


More photos from the event coming up.

After Vine, Twitter Reportedly Set To Release Music App Today

According to Mike Isaac and Peter Kafka of AllThingsD, Twitter intends tolaunch its music service on Friday. Citing “sources familiar with the matter,” the duo’s report indicates that Twitter’s musical debut isn’t merely soon, but is instead tomorrow.

Earlier today, We Are Hunted announced that it had joined Twitter, and celebrity Ryan Seacrest tweeted about using the service. As TNWreported previously:

The upcoming music service is expected to arrive as an iOS app with following sections: Suggested Music, a #NowPlaying section that tracks the hashtag among followers, Popular and Emerging.

Details are sparse at the moment, but if Twitter does intend on releasing its musical application on the morrow, we’ll know soon enough. Frankly, the rumored released timing is not surprising; it would be wanton of Twitter to waste a good day’s buzz by letting interest in its music app sag by waiting to send it into the market.

Naturally, the company timed the day’s news, likely to ramp speculation up concerning the service. It worked, as you have most likely noticed, reading through the Internet today.

The AllThingsD report indicates that music will be delivered via partner services such as SoundCloud, and that Vevo will be present to serve music videos. This bun is all but baked. Get ready.

Source: TNW


#SMWLagos Recap: Gidi Startup’s Big Data Is Music For Masses [Day 2]

Yesterday I gave a recap on the first day of Social Media Week in Africa. Today’s events were more awesome. The first I attended was “Music for the Masses” where Eskimi CEO, Vaytas and iROKING CEO, Mike Ugwu explained how they teamed up to put music in the hands of every African. The session was moderated by Nubi Kayode of OTEKBITS.

Eskimi is a mobile social network with more that 10 million registered users and up to 5.7 million of which are Nigerians, making them bigger than Facebook users in Nigeria – 5.3 million. iROKING on the other hand, is Nigeria’s leading online music distribution company.  You can catch up with tweets from #SMWmusicformasses or #SMWLagos on Twitter.

Smartverting was next with the topic “Big Data and Social Media Marketing” and the session was hosted by Bloovue. The panelist consisted of Bankole Alao from Etisalat’s Digital Marketing department; Oyinlola from the Guinness VIP and Ricardo Webb, Nokia Social Media Strategist, did justice to the topic as they explained how they use data to help their organizations, and how data can also be use to evaluate real time problems in creating solution.

Editi Effiong moderate the session and Seyi Taylor did a Bloovue presentation to round up the event at Porsche center, Lagos. You can also catch up the tweets from the event from #SMWBigData.

We - Nubi, Clive, and I, all moved to Co-Creation Hub at Sabo Yaba, where OTEKBITS and Co-Creation Hub hosted “Social Media for Startups: Building and Engaging Your Online Community”.

Tunji Elesho of Co-Creation Hub started the evening by introducing us to the hub. Kayode Adelola and Nubi Kayode gave a presentations to enlighten the audience on how to use and leverage on social media, and the Nokia crew later took the floor to discuss how Nokia is working with developers and startups, using Pledge 51′s Danfo as an example of the evening.

The Nokia crew also address burning issues from the audience and promised to continue in the path of being a human brand. The evening came to an end with dinner at the Co-creation Hub rooftop. You can also cash the storied tweets from #SMWGidiStartups here.

You can catch up on tomorrow’s events here and enjoy photos from the events above:


7 Question For CEO – Vytas Paukštys: Eskimi Music, Fan Club, And Brands

Editor’s Note: Eskimi had a good 2012, with accolades like crossing the 10 million users mark, and launching some new product and features. We got CEO, Vytas Paukstys to answer 7 questions covering areas including: Eskimi Music, Fan Club, Mobile money, Nigerian brands, and opportunities.

Q1. How was 2012 for Eskimi – your milestones and top moments, and did you meet/surpass your expectations?

2012 was a year of preparation, hard work and learning. We were working to improve the product, started working with the largest brands in Nigeria, and did a lot of market education on how mobile marketing can be used and what the metrics to track the performance are. We see that 2012 was the year when brands understood that digital marketing is a good channel to communicate. We did a lot of seminars, webinars, and workshops for brands to show what mobile media can offer.

I think we have reached that point where the market actually believes that mobile in Nigeria is up to 10 times larger than traditional web and that this is the most important media currently.

We reached our goals in terms of growth, sales and partnerships. I guess the main things that we achieved include: launch of our mobile money platform, launch of our developer API, introduction of advanced and unique tools for brands, getting main brands in Nigeria to start using Eskimi as their marketing channel, becoming second mobile destination position in Nigeria, and launching Eskimi Premium Fanclub functionality

Q2. You have just recently joined forces with iROKING for Eskimi Music, how has that been so far in terms of reception?

This is a very recent product and we kept it in testing mode for the first weeks. We see that users are getting back to the service, downloading songs, but we will announce the statistics later on. Now I see that this is one of the products that people were missing. There are many illegal content sites where people cannot get quality content. This new product changes the mobile music market. And it creates sponsorship opportunities to brands.

Q3. Now you’ve got a new feature on Eskimi – tell us about Eskimi Fan Clubs

Eskimi Premium Fanclubs is a new functionality for brands to engage with their users. Our main goal is to deliver high participation and engagement rates, show that it can be much better than the traditionally used media (like Facebook pages). Fanclub is a branded page but with a lot of gaming and engagement features like Treasure hunts and Photo competitions. The participation rates we have seen so far are amazing. Pepsi fanclub reached 50,000 fans in less than a month and one of the last posts was commented and liked by 21,000 people. This is an unseen participation. People are really spending a lot of time in these clubs.

Q4. What has been the reception from brands and Eskimi users, and what are future plans to have this become core of Eskimi usage?

Brands love the numbers and they speak for themselves – we are delivering up to 20-50 times better participation rates than Facebook. We understand that Facebook has a strong brand among businesses, but we always explain that the eye balls, time spent and positive engagement is what matters. We will be launching a lot of new fanclubs in the next 6 months. The best thing is that Eskimi users like it a lot – they love the games, prizes and Eskimi coins incentives. We can even give instant airtime prizes for the most active participants. Any brand that wants to have their fan pages on Eskimi should contact us.

Q5. Any other features we should be expecting from Eskimi soon or this year?

We have recently launched J2ME chat app to improve the chatting experience and make it realtime. We will be pushing it further. We are working on our HTML5 and Android applications. The smartphone market is still very very small, but we will launch these new platforms to be up to date for the users. We are also launching a new B2B portal to showcase what Eskimi can do for your brand.

Q6. One question you wished we asked you?

Here it is: What would be your message to the brands and advertisers in Nigeria?

I guess this one: Eskimi is here for you. We have a strong advertisement and product team not to only deliver simple traffic campaigns. We think a lot for the brands to deliver the end result and not only clicks. We do consulting on campaigns, landing pages; mobile phone optimization reports to check if the landings are compatible. Agencies that we worked with are saying that Eskimi delivers best conversion rates and best engagement rates. I guess this is the most important metric.

Q7. Any opportunities for our readers at Eskimi at the moment?

Yes! There is. Eskimi is looking for the best sales manager from Nigeria. The person should have digital marketing or just digital experience, sales experience and maintain active contacts in the digital and media space in Nigeria (agencies and brands). Anyone interested should shoot me an email to

The End

Thanks Vytas for taking out time to answer some of our questions. We’d be expecting stats from the Eskimi music product, and sure looking to open OTEKBITS fan club as soon as possible.

Readers can send in questions they’d like to ask tech entrepreneurs, and we’d try to get them answered – send to

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Eskimi pic 2

BREAKING: Brand New Music Site From iROKING & Eskimi Partnership

iROKING, one of Africa’s top music site announces that is has joined forces with one of the continent’s leading mobile social networks, Eskimi, to bring the very best African artists, directly to users’ mobiles.  The new site, is for the exclusive use of Eskimi’s millions of users, more than 5 million of which are in Nigeria. Registered Eskimi users can download tracks from iROKING’s catalogue of 35,000+ tracks from over 400 of West Africa’s top recording artists, directly onto their mobile via

The new mobi site, designed exclusively for Eskimi by iROKING, is an awesome and totally seamless experience for subscribers, who will be able to play their favourite Afrobeats songs and share to their Eskimi friends. Eskimi users can also chat with their friends whilst downloading tunes from iROKING superstars such as PSquare, Iyanya, Flavour and Bracket, thanks to an integrated header that shows new messages and alerts.

Adi Nduka-Agwu, Head of Business Development for iROKO Partners says: “Eskimi has built a huge, online social network of people who chat about and share absolutely everything – gossip, news, music – which is where iROKING comes in. We can provide Eskimi users with free and legal downloads from the continent’s biggest stars, via a dedicated mobi site that works in perfect harmony with what they’re already accessing on the Eskimi platform”.

Eskimi pic1

Vytas Paukstys, CEO of Eskimi says: “We are extremely happy to add another entertainment category for our customers. Eskimi users already spend an hour per day in Eskimi and this partnership with iROKING will increase this even more. This new category of mobile music will also open new sponsorship opportunities for Nigerian brands”.

iROKING is West Africa’s number one music distribution platform, with over 35,0000 tracks from 400+ artists. The company also manages the YouTube channels of over 80 artists, delivering 15 million video views on average a month, with over 130,000,000 views across its pages.

ESKIMI is one of the largest social media platforms in Africa with more than 10 million customers. Nigeria is the largest market with more than 50% of all Eskimi users. Eskimi serves more than 1 billion impressions per month and enjoys average one hour user spend time per day. Eskimi is also known to deliver unique brand engagement marketing.


iROKING launched in 2010, has over 35,000 songs from over 400 of West Africa’s biggest recording artists. iROKING is successfully reorganizing Nigerian music distribution via, YouTube, iTUNES and Amazon. In August 2012, iROKING announced that the music platform had registered 100,000 users and October 2012 saw the launch of a mobile site for iROKING, where registered users can listen to and download any of the 35,000 tracks on the site from their Feature phones.


ESKIMI is one of the largest social media platforms in Africa with more than 10 million customers. Nigeria is the largest market with more than 50% of all Eskimi users. According to Opera mini report, Eskimi is a No.2 mobile destination in Nigeria overtaking Yahoo and Google. According to 2012 Google trends, Eskimi was TOP10 trending topics at Google Trends overtaking Facebook. Eskimi serves more than 1 billion impressions per month and enjoys average one hour user spend time per day.


Jam With Chrome: Play Music Live With Your Friends Online

Google is experimenting with a web app that lets you play music live with your friends. If you are a music lover, here is a chance for you to be a pretend rock star and possibly form a band with your friends online.

The Web App is called JAM with Chrome, and it allows users invite their friends around the world to join in and play music using the Chrome Browser on their PC. No matter what your level of musical talent, from daydreaming air guitarist to music pro, you can JAM together in real time over the web.

JAM gives users 19 different instruments to choose from, including bass guitars, drums and keyboards. “In the default “easy mode” you can experiment by clicking individual strings, drum pads or keys, or you can play around with the four different autoplay functions and let the machines do the work. Switch to “pro mode” to play any instrument using your keyboard”.

You can invite up to three friends in different locations to join your JAM via the sharing buttons on the site and start rocking your band.

Go on, get your band together at It’s awesome.


Lumia 920 And 820: The Nokia #WP8 Series – Camera, Maps, Music, Apps

I have been so excited about the new Window Phone 8 but never discussed my excitement for the Lumia series especially Lumia 920. Lumia 920 is a phone I have been dreaming of since it was introduced by Nokia. The PureView was exciting because of its camera but it looks like Nokia is ready to change the game with the Lumia.

The latest Nokia Lumia phones and Microsoft Windows Phone 8 create an unbeatable combination for apps. The new Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones feature dual-core processors, clear black displays, near-field communications (NFC), and much more.

The camera on the new Nokia Lumia is so cool and worth a separate mention. The superior PureView imaging technology in the Lumia 920 and Carl Zeiss optics in both devices are accompanied by unique Windows Phone 8 platform APIs that will help developers create better camera apps with the ability to control ISO and other parameters, offer multi-frames capture, get direct access to sensor data, apply special effects to live previews, and record HD quality video. One can also turn an app into a lens application — and let users launch the app straight from the camera’s viewfinder. How cool is that?

In addition, the new location APIs is powered by Nokia map data (even offline). They will let you choose color schemes, cartographic models, and views with map controls; add turn-by-turn directions to your apps; and enjoy background location processing.

The more than 120,000 Windows Phone 7 apps are made available on Windows Phone 8, so the investments you have made in the platform are safe and protected. In fact, your app will be even more accessible to the user, thanks to three customizable LiveTile sizes and the ability to push notifications to the lock screen.

And because Windows Phone 8 shares a kernel and driver model with Windows 8, you can easily extend your development reach. For example, you can create games and apps that run on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 using a common code base and tap into native APIs for the best performance.

Last but not least, Nokia has introduced new Music APIs. They let you tap into the Nokia Music offering and add value to your app with free music-listening and event-discovery.

Lumia 920 and 820 will be unveiled in Nigeria with a Press Conference to be organized by Nokia on 20th of November and OTEKBITS will be reporting live from the event and hands on will also be aired on OTEKBITS soon after the launch.

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