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Crowdsourcing 101

Contributor: Tech Mistress is not a so young ‘eccentric’, tech loving lady. She likes to share information in funny and witty ways, to inform but yet motivate. You can follow her on twitter - @AbiikeBlogger, and check out her blog - Mumuocrats.


Crowdsourcing is a term coined by Jeff Howe in a Wired magazine 2006 article titled THE RISE OF CROWDSOURCING. He only coined the term for it. Crowdsourcing had been in existence before then, it became popular with businesses, authors, journalists and developers.

What exactly is Crowdsourcing?
It simply means sourcing tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals to a group of people, community or a crowd through an open call. This is a different tact, from stack overflow, Twitter or Facebook which do not have any open calls. Crowdsourcing helps gather those who are most fit to perform tasks, solve problems and contribute relevant and fresh ideas. It makes it possible to outsource the tasks to an unlimited amount of people and enables mass intelligence to solve problems of all kinds with an affordable price tag. Read more…

Nokia Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign to Find New Tunes

In what looks like a move to find new tunes for its devices, Nokia has launched a global crowdsourcing campaign to find a fresh version of the Nokia Tune. This is the first time Nokia is inviting people to work with the iconic tune with the winning tune to be placed next to the standard Nokia Tune in a selection of the company’s 2012 product portfolio. To qualify for this, your tunes must be a maximum of 30 seconds.


Your tune must be fresh, expressive, original, and creative yet distinctively a Nokia Tune. In the spirit of “Connecting People” – all collaborations are encouraged. Read more…

Is BRCK The Solution To Your Internet Connectivity Problem?

No network signal, no power. There’s power, but there’s no network signal. The network signal is strong, but your battery is “too low for radio use.” That’s the nature of getting online in Africa.

Enter: BRCK.

Engineered by Kenya-based non-profit tech startup Ushahidi, developers of the eponymous data crowdsourcing platform that wowed Africa a few years ago, BRCK — a solidly-built cloud-managed modem/router — may well be the solution to widespread Internet connectivity problems on the continent.

The rugged (oil/dirt/splash resistant) 510-gram box touted as a ”backup generator for the Internet,”  will suck juice from Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile networks for a blissful eight hours (without a mad dash for a nearby power source), piping the good stuff to up to twenty connected devices (top that, Huawei). It also comes with USB ports so you can charge stuff off its huge 8,000 mAH battery, as well as an Arduino-compatible expansion controller that should interest would-be hack.., er, hobbyists.

No word yet on when the approximately ₦32,000 device will land on store shelves in Nigeria, but you can learn more about BRCK here and from Ushahidi co-founder Juliana Rotich’s TED Talk below.

Image via Wired

Yookos Launches New API At Mobile Web West Africa Conference

To give developers in Africa the opportunity to create applications that suite the trending and emerging social media landscape, Yookos a social network site that focuses on providing users the best platform to connect, share and interact has launched their Application Programming Interface (API) at the World Mobile Web West Africa 2013 Conference in Lagos.

The announcement was made during the company’s presentation to key industry leaders as well as various sponsors from every part of the continent.

The release of the APIs will now enable developers, including techprenuers, to create applications for the cross-section of social media channels that can be used on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Speaking at the event, Group CEO for Yookos, Mr. Tomisin Fashina, said that “We are particularly pleased that as a company we have reached yet another momentous milestone in the development of our platform. What makes this remarkable is that it facilitates the crowdsourcing of innovative ideas and solutions that will not only expand the functionality of the platform but also make its usage an exhilarating experience.

Our focus is not just about getting something from developers but we also plan to give back through our multifaceted approach that will see the launch of the programmes focused on university students, community engagement sessions aimed at attracting young people to the profession, as well as educational peer engagement sessions’’.

He added that, Yookos will also host a free developer’s workshop in Lagos at Four Points by Sheraton on Tuesday, 14 May 2013 to reinforce the company’s commitment to empower developers in the region.


Mr Fashina further disclosed that the workshop will also be used to introduce Yookos’ newly released APIs which can be found at to the global developer community and it will also present an exciting opportunity for the developers to network and share new ideas.

In his comment, General Manager Yookos Nigeria, Mr Gboyega Adelowore, revealed that, we have created a very rich and interactive API to help in the management of eco-system and to ensure that developers get the best as they experience it.

The global social networking site was officially launched in Nigeria in 2011 and currently boasts over 13 million registered users worldwide with Nigeria accounting for more than 60% of that base.

For more information contact:

Corporate information: 01-8436069-(Lagos, Nigeria). +27113991720 (South Africa)

Developer’s information: | |

VC4Africa Celebrates Community Milestones, Launches New Website

Venture Capital for Africa is the continent’s leading founder’s network, the largest and fastest growing community of  entrepreneurs and investors building promising companies in Africa, and has been doing well to build a robust ecosystem and support network for Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs.

A place where people can come together to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. A place where we can celebrate our successes and work together to tackle the challenges we face moving forward, VC4Africa has now crossed some milestones worth celebrating:

Some new milestones for our community
  • first 1,000,000 page views served
  • we are now 10,000 members strong and growing
  • 1,000 ventures registered and counting
Here is a brief timeline of events since conception:
  • November 2006 – A conversation at the AVCA meeting in Senegal
  • June 2008 – Opened the African Venture Capital and Private Equity group on Linkedin
  • May 2009 – Launched the Ning platform
  • June 2009 – First meetup was hosted in Kampala, Uganda
  • November 2010 – Soft launched the community platform
  • September 2011 – Said goodbye to
  • January 2012 – First deal closed
  • May 2012 – Launched the VC4A Investor Network
  • September 2012 – Launch of the beta mentorship program
  • February 2013 – New homepage and site upgrade

… and there is so much more to come

Join in the celebration of these milestone

VC4Africa is a project that has grown organically over time and because a collection of people wanted to address a real need. The simple idea that by combining our network, knowledge and capital we could do more to support the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs. Building on the idea that we are only as strong as our ability to work together. Leave a comment, and tell us why the community inspires you!


How To Be The Next Supper Blogger and Earn Lots of Naira

Recently, Future Awards held training at Terra-kulture, showing interested people how they can earn money by setting up shop online. Some of the tips shared by the speakers include: Omojuwa specifically emphasized on the need to create value which will attract traffic to your brand whenever your resource is needed.

Cheta Nwanze who started the discussions highlighted the increase in the number of Nigerians using online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. He also spoke on how to drive online traffic by utilizing mailing lists, crowdsourcing, and the use of available social media platforms to propagate content.

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Crowdfunding for Startups – Tech Mistress

oTeKbits ran crowd sourcing stories early this year but I will do a recap of what crowdfunding is all about. Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding a.k.a hyper funding is the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together usually via the internet to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.

Popular crowdsourcing sites are Indiegogo and Kickstarter, which is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects and whose name is becoming ubiquitous with the word crowdsourcing.

A major disadvantage to Crowdsourcing is the requirement to disclose the idea for which funding is sought in public when it is at a very early stage. This exposes the promoter of the idea to the risk of the idea being copied and developed ahead by better-financed competitors.

Can crowdsourcing be used to raise funds for start ups? Yes and No. Normally, soliciting investments from the general public is most often illegal unless the opportunity has been filed with an appropriate securities regulatory authority like the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC.

Last year, a group of entrepreneurs formed ‘The Startup Exemption’ with the goal to lobby Washington, D.C. to update the U.S. Federal Security Laws and make it legal for entrepreneurs to use crowdfunding to raise a limited amount of early-stage equity-based financing. With the assistance of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC) they partook in two hearings on Capitol Hill, this eventually led to the United States of America JOBS Act which allows for a wider pool of smaller investors with fewer restrictions.

The Act was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012 and entrepreneurs are excited about the prospect of raising money passively from many people who are interested in their business rather than having to dedicate a significant chunk of time to raising capital from big investors and venture capitalists.

Is crowdfunding the perfect solution? There are significant problems with it for a high growth tech company. The most successful high growth tech startups can be termed to be a partnership between founders and experienced investors. Are crowdsourced funds free money? Will the funds be taxable?

So many questions related to it but in years to come as organized society continues to get disorganized via disruptive media, Crowdsourcing may yet be the breeding ground for tech startups as more banks fail to raise capital for budding entrepreneurs. The pace for regulation is being set in America, hopefully a form of it will be adopted here in Nigeria and with as little as a thousand naira you may own a part of any tech start up of your choice.


African News Innovation Challenge To Transform The Continent

Over history, mass media has been disseminated in various ways like the old letter in the bottle, using pigeons, to the stages of technological advances, and then came the internet. With the internet came the evolution of media to what is known today as the new media.

We have now realized the powers to which the alternative forms of disseminating information has, it started with the revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya as well as the ongoing war in Syria.

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Crowdfunding: Lessons From #SaveOke Campaign And More

Contributor: Tech Mistress is not a so young ‘eccentric’, tech loving lady. She likes to share information in funny and witty ways, to inform but yet motivate. You can follow her on twitter - @AbiikeBlogger, and check out her blog - Mumuocrats.

We once focused on Crowdsourcing on this blog. Remember Crowdsourcing 101? Well, here is a quick recap of what crowdsourcing is. Crowdsourcing simply means sourcing tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals to a group of people, community or a crowd through an open call.

This Crowdsourcing 201, and the focus is on Crowdfunding. What is all about? Crowdsourcing is financial contributions from online investors, sponsors or donors to fund for-profit or non-profit initiatives or enterprises. It is an approach to raising capital for new projects and businesses by soliciting contributions from a large number of stakeholders following three types of crowdfunding models:

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Let’s Talk African Innovation – Tech Mistress

Contributor: Tech Mistress is not a so young ‘eccentric’, tech loving lady. She likes to share information in funny and witty ways, to inform but yet motivate. You can follow her on twitter - @AbiikeBlogger, and check out her blog - Mumuocrats.

It was an exciting episode as Aljazeera’s THE STREAM focused on African innovation, african Technology, the growth and challenges. This was an interesting discussion with Eric Osiakwan of African Internet Service Providers Association in the studio and Juliana Rotich, co-founder of Ushahidi via Skype. The Stream is a web community and daily television show powered by social media and citizen journalism.

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